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Why Choose a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays

If you experienced an air conditioning emergency this last summer, you’re probably deciding if you should replace your old air conditioner or buy an additional unit. This is the perfect time to consider investing in a new air conditioner. The only question is which air conditioner should you choose?

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays


Choosing your new air conditioner is quite tricky. You can decide to buy a cheap brand that might work for a couple of months or years before acting up, but the cost for maintenance and repairs will hurt your budget in the long run, or you can invest in a trusted brand and be certain of its quality. But why make it difficult for yourself when you have a trusted brand name to consider – Mitsubishi.

Why is it one of the preferred choices of many Australian homes? Here are some of the features that make it stand out from the competition:


Mitsubishi Air Conditioner has thermostat features

Talk about power saving capacity, the Mitsubishi air conditioner has built-in thermostat features to help reduce electricity consumption.

How does this work?

While other ACs continuously perform their task even after an hour of cooling the room, Mitsubishi air conditioners are different. Upon reaching the desired temperature, the Mitsubishi air conditioner will minimize its function so less energy will be consumed.

Mitsubishi air conditioners can also detect when there is a person in the room. If it cannot detect any body heat, then the air conditioner will automatically reduce its performance. As a result, you’re assured of cool indoor air without wasting so much electricity.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioner can double as a heater

Do you know that Mitsubishi Air Conditioners can also serve as a heater? But unlike an electric heater, it won’t strain your electric bill.

How is this possible?

Mitsubishi air conditioners come with a reverse cycle feature. It works this way:

In a cool only air conditioning unit, they will produce cooled air with the aid of refrigerants. This is the same for the reverse cycle, the AC has a reversing valve that will do the reverse. So warm air will flow within your house very efficiently. Since there are no heating coils involved in the process, this is the most efficient way to heat your space or home.

It is merely the advanced technology present in Mitsubishi Air Conditioners.

Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is environmental-friendly

One of the things the Mitsubishi brand aims for is to develop home appliances that will not hurt the environment. Their air conditioners are the best example of this goal. Mitsubishi air conditioners are patented with eco-friendly quality.

As mentioned above, even their air conditioner’s heating system is environmentally friendly. Instead of using non-renewable energy to produce heat, it simply reuses the natural warm air. Furthermore, Mitsubishi air conditioners are now using the R32 refrigerant with an ozone-depleting potential of 0%. It guarantees that using these AC units will not harm the ozone layer as old air conditioners do.

How is it beneficial to you?

Some areas in Australia provide subsidies for households with low carbon footprints. If you live in these areas, then you will gain more from investing in an eco-friendly air conditioner.



Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is a guilt-free way to make your interior comfortable. It also needs little maintenance compared to other brands. As Mitsubishi is known for the durability of its product, buying one is a wise investment.

Here at Air Conditioning Whitsundays, we take much pleasure in providing the best customer experience and back our products with both a 12-month Installation Warranty & 5 Year warranty on all Mitsubishi Air Con products. This guarantees you are given the best service all year round.

Do you want to get a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner for your home? Get your quote, now.