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Why You Should Get an Automatic Changeover Switch for Your Generator

In the event of a power outage, someone in your house or workplace must turn the manual switch for your generator to work. This can be considered impractical and time-consuming. So in today’s blog, we will share with you a practical solution to that problem – an automatic changeover switch.

Why You Should Get an Automatic Changeover Switch for Your Generator

A Closer Look at Automatic Changeover Switch

When combined with a working generator, the automatic changeover switch transforms the generator into a self-contained appliance that can turn on and off in coordination with the local power grid. This entails that when the electricity in your house goes off, the generator starts automatically. This is even when no one is present to turn it on. As soon as electricity is restored, the generator will shut down and return the electricity source to the main power grid.


Is an Automatic Changeover Switch Worth It?

Here are some of the benefits of adding an automatic changeover switch to your generator:


Promotes Safety

Handling power sources manually puts you and others at risk of injuries, including electrocution. This is particularly true during a thunderstorm or when there is a sudden blackout in the entire area. So, an automatic changeover switch installed by a qualified electrician can ensure safety within your home and workplace.



Imagine you are sleeping peacefully in an air-conditioned room and the power suddenly goes off. Isn’t it a hassle to get up off the bed and walk your way to the generator to press the manual switch? What if you do not have an emergency light nearby?

With an automatic changeover switch, you can continue your peaceful rest since it will automatically convert the power source to the generator. It is also convenient when you are working from home since it will ensure that your work will not be interrupted by a sudden power outage.


Reliability in Business

A power outage can spell disaster in business. An hour of power loss can cause income and prospective clients or customers. Although a generator provides some assurance that your business will not fail even with a power outage; it still needs to be manually turned on, if you are using a regular switch.

An automatic changeover switch ensures that electricity is uninterrupted for your business. To ensure that your business operates like clockwork, installing an automatic changeover switch to your generator is recommended.



To ensure that it is assembled securely, a licensed electrician shall be contracted for the installation of an automatic changeover switch. The conversion switch shall be connected to your property’s main breaker box by a qualified electrician exclusively.

Are you interested in installing an automatic changeover switch for your business or home? Talk to us today!