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Licensed Air Conditioning Contractor for Bowen

Keeping your air conditioning system running smoothly doesn’t need to be hard. Choose an experienced and licensed contractor in Bowen who knows what they are doing by calling us at (07) 49 461356 today!.




Should you be looking for a reliable and trustworthy air conditioning contractor in Bowen, then Airconditioning Whitsundays is here to help. We ensure that all of our customers receive high-quality AC services at competitive prices whether it’s just maintenance or an entire system replacement.
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Removal or Relocation of Aircon units in Bowen


Have you been looking for a qualified air conditioning contractor to help with the removal of your unit?
We’ve got just what you need! With our experience in this field, we can guarantee that it will be done safely and efficiently. Send us an email or call today so we may the perfect time and day for this service.


Maintenance, Repair, and Installation of Split Type Air Conditioning Systems in Bowen


You can trust Airconditioning Whitsundays to provide you with the most suitable split type of AC system in Bowen. Our team will also handle installation and maintenance so that your home is always warmed or cooled based on preference, all at an affordable price.
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Why Choose Us for your Air Conditioning Needs in Bowen?


The air conditioning in your home can be a challenge to manage, but it doesn’t have to be. Airconditioning Whitsundays has professional experience with electrical and heating systems that will help you achieve the vacation ambiance of Bowen without ever leaving town.

A comfortable temperature is something we all strive for during these hot summer months – why not let our experts take care? We offer professional experience in handling electrical and air conditioning systems, so let us handle it for you! Our team will make sure that there’s always something cooling or heating depending on what season comes around. They’re able to know how every detail works: from HVAC layouts down through floor registers.

As part of our commitment to provide excellence to our clients, here are the inclusions of our services:

  • Competitive installation, maintenance, and repair pricing
  • Certified and skilled AC technicians and Electricians
  • 5-years AC system installation guarantee
  • Use of only quality products and materials for all our installation, maintenance and repair projects

So, what type of air conditioning services for Bowen do you need?

Why wait and suffer from the changing weather when you can call us today!

Air Conditioning Whitsundays can make your home feel like a hotel through their expert air conditioning services. With us, you’ll always have cool or warm shoulders.

Book your air conditioning system cleaning and maintenance with us now.

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