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How to Make Your Whitsundays Home Winter Ready

Winter is coming to Whitsunday Island! This means the need to adjust your ceiling fans and reverse split type of air conditioning systems. Therefore, you would want to get your home ready before the winds start to get chilly.

How to Make Your Whitsundays Home Winter Ready


Here are some of the things you might want to consider when preparing your home for Whitsunday winter.


Tip no.1: Run an electrical system inspection

Examine the wiring, ports, connectors, switches, and other electrical components inside your home. These devices get weakened or wear out over time. If you didn’t inspect these after summer, some of your electrical devices have likely been damaged by now. Some may even need to be repaired or in some instances replaced to limit the possibility of electrical accidents.

Not sure how to do a proper inspection of your electrical system? A licensed electrician in Whitsundays can help you with that! Call us on (07) 49 461 356 / 0409 368 754.

Tip no. 2: Add An Additional Power Outlet When Necessary

Most of the time, electrical accidents occur due to the overloading of power outlets. As your family spends more time indoors expect the simultaneous use of appliances. So to help accommodate the increased usage of electricity, it is recommended to add more power outlets to your home.

A licensed electrician can install additional power outlets for your home after an electrical inspection. Avoid DIY installation of power outlets as this can cause more accidents like a short circuit.


Tip no. 3: Maximize Some of Your Appliances

You might not be aware yet but some of your home appliances have a heating mechanism for winter. With the type of mild winter we have at Whitsunday, these heating features shall suffice.

Your reverse split type air conditioner has a reverse feature you can use to heat your room. Instead of using a bar heater that’s not very energy efficient, it is better to use your AC as an alternative. Likewise, your ceiling fan can be used to heat your verandah by setting the blades to a clockwise direction.

Tip no. 4: Prepare An Electrical System Checklist

An electrical system checklist is an important thing to have at home. It guarantees that you will not forget or miss any necessary maintenance and repair your electrical system needs. Here, we included some pointers you should include in your home electrical system checklist for winter.

What should you include in your checklist?

  • Electrical device inspection including switches, fuses, adaptors, wirings, plugs, smoke alarms, circuit breakers, and appliances.
  • Locating your home’s main power source and ensuring that you can easily reach the place in case of a sudden power outage. You can also check if the switches inside the switchboard are properly labelled and working.
  • Ensure that your electrical system is safe from water leakage on roofs, ceiling, walls, and floor. It will also help to check if your air conditioner is leaking.
  • Trim the tree branches and other obstructions to your power line outdoors.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use before going to bed.
  • Ensure that no appliances are left plugged in when going outdoors.



Doing the activities listed above can make your home safe from various electrical accidents this winter. Although there are several things on the list that you can do by yourself, always remember to consult a reliable electrician when necessary.

Need help with an electrical inspection? Talk to us today!