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How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays

With the many sizes and types of air conditioner available in the market today, choosing the best fit can be confusing. Added to the things you need to consider is how much energy your brand and unit of choice will consume, as well as the possibility of frequent maintenance and repair.


How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays


To save you from such trouble, we listed some important things you should consider when buying an air conditioner in the Whitsundays. Learning these things will lessen the chance of dissatisfaction after your purchase.


What type of air conditioner should you buy?

There are various types of air conditioners available on the Whitsundays. Some of them are for commercial buildings while others are best used for household purposes. But for this blog, we’ll be focusing solely on residential air conditioners.

Here are some of the popular residential air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi, one of the most trusted brands for air conditioners in the Whitsundays.


Wall-mounted Air Conditioning Unit

This split type residential air conditioner from Mitsubishi has a very elegant and sophisticated design that will look great mounted on your walls. Unlike other split type models, Mitsubishi’s wall-mounted AC has a flat and sleek indoor component that wouldn’t look messy inside your house.

This air conditioner model also uses an R32 refrigerant ensuring the highest power efficiency.  This will ensure that your family is at the best temperature.


Console Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Should you have a problem with scarce wall space when installing split type AC, Mitsubishi’s console split system is for you. This floor model air conditioner is very lightweight and consumes very little space. It also provides a multi-flow system to solve the airflow problems of most floor models.


Ceiling-mounted Air Conditioning Unit

No indoor space is too small for Mitsubishi air conditioning systems. With their ceiling-mounted AC, limited wall space and ceiling room aren’t a problem. This model is a very compact air conditioning system that can be installed on the ceiling, consuming very little space. The performance is the same as the regular residential air conditioners.


Bulkhead Air Conditioner

Another option for scarce wall space is the bulkhead air conditioner. It is perfect for houses with concrete ceilings where ducted AC isn’t possible. It also produces very little noise which is perfect for small space areas.


Multi-head Split System Air Conditioner

Think split type is a 1:1? Not with Mitsubishi’s multi-head split system air conditioner. This split type model allows up to eight indoor units for a single outdoor component. It makes an ideal solution to a limited outdoor space with many rooms that need air conditioning.

When choosing which type of air conditioner to buy, you need to consider your floor area. It’s also wise to decide whether you’ll buy several units or invest in one that can give the same performance.


Will the air conditioner be noisy to run?

Based on noise tests conducted by HVAC technicians in Australia, air conditioners’ indoor unit has a noise level between 20 to 50 decibels, while the outdoor unit can range from 40 to 70 decibels. From a point of comparison, a normal conversation is around 60 decibels.

Modern split-system air conditioners that are typically used in Queensland are relatively noiseless indoors and out. However, if you are living in an apartment or places with noise regulation it’s worth checking the noise level of the air conditioner before making a purchase.


What features should you check?

Buying air conditioners with energy-saving features is a wise investment. Therefore, before buying a unit, try to check if they have the following features:

  • Thermostat or body heat sensors
  • Reverse cycle
  • Wifi or remote control
  • Sleep mode
  • Scheduled on and off

All of these features will help you save energy as they will automatically adjust the AC’s performance during certain conditions.



Interested to buy an air conditioner for your home in the Whitsundays? Air Conditioning Whitsunday has the best brands of residential air conditioners to suit your lifestyle. Talk to us today to get the best offers.