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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Diesel Generator

Generators are indispensable for the smooth operation of construction sites and infrastructure projects. Without them, it’s almost impossible to even start construction work that requires electricity. However, getting the appropriate generator can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time buying one.


5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying A Diesel Generator


You must know these 5 things before buying a diesel generator. Make sure to focus and put them into your considerations.


Size: Does it have sufficient load to support your appliances?

When it comes to getting the right diesel generator, choosing the correct size is of absolute importance. It should be able to support even the starting current load required by your appliances. Otherwise, if it is based only on the motor’s running load and not on the application, then overloading and underloading can occur; which can also later on deteriorate the generator’s life.


How do you choose the right size of diesel generator?

To determine the right size of a diesel generator, it’s better to take the total kVA ratings or load required for the application where the generator is going to be used. With this, the generator will be able to meet the overall running and operating load of the application, motors, and transformers.

Do you need help in calculating the right kVA that will suit your application needs? Let us help you. Talk to us.



Choose a generator that can operate while consuming less fuel. For this reason, we have selected diesel generators with proven fuel cost savings, just like Perkins. They have been taking a holistic approach to fuel economy by working collaboratively with OEM’s so they can target improvements in their:

  • Core machine design
  • Driver input
  • Hydraulics set up
  • Cab lay-out

Choose your diesel generator from our list. Or call us on 0409 368 754.



An ideal control system will have a variety of features to provide better utilisation of the power plant while giving a quality overview of the application’s process. Some of these include:

  • Remotely start and program the machine
  • Display warnings (e.g low fuel and/or other performance issues)
  • Deliver a wide range of analysis data

You will also find generators today that are installed with a power management system (PMS) which can be easily run through plug-and-play. This makes them perfect for rental applications that need easy and rapid configuration.


PMS also offers the following:

  • Avoid engine damage from operating with low load levels.
  • Start and stop units with corresponding increase and/or decrease of load.
  • Optimise the fuel consumption and the performance of the generator in parallel load demand.


With these features, you can ensure that the generator will have a long and efficient work life.




Did it undergo proper testing?

Is it made from robust materials?

Can it handle extreme wear and tear?


Purchasing a generator is a big and expensive investment; therefore, it’s best to ensure that it’s durable and can last long. We best recommend preferring to ask for a test run to see if all components are aligned and perform well.


Aside from being durable, does the generator have a modular capability?


Even if you just need one generator at the moment, asking about its modular capability can surely pay you off in the future. It’ll be best to know if it can work with another unit in case a modular power plant set-up is needed.

There are various benefits of having a modular generator such as enhancing equipment reliability. If one of the generators unfortunately fails, there are still other units that can work on.



Are you looking for a high-quality generator with all the necessary features like these? Air Conditioning Whitsundays got different types of diesel generators that fit your application’s requirement. Check out our diesel generators gallery to see what we can provide you.