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How to Make Your Whitsundays Home Winter Ready

Winter is coming to Whitsunday Island! This means the need to adjust your ceiling fans and reverse split type of air conditioning systems. Therefore, you would want to get your home ready before the winds start to get chilly.

How to Make Your Whitsundays Home Winter Ready


Here are some of the things you might want to consider when preparing your home for Whitsunday winter.


Tip no.1: Run an electrical system inspection

Examine the wiring, ports, connectors, switches, and other electrical components inside your home. These devices get weakened or wear out over time. If you didn’t inspect these after summer, some of your electrical devices have likely been damaged by now. Some may even need to be repaired or in some instances replaced to limit the possibility of electrical accidents.

Not sure how to do a proper inspection of your electrical system? A licensed electrician in Whitsundays can help you with that! Call us on (07) 49 461 356 / 0409 368 754.


Tip no. 2: Add An Additional Power Outlet When Necessary

Most of the time, electrical accidents occur due to the overloading of power outlets. As your family spends more time indoors expect the simultaneous use of appliances. So to help accommodate the increased usage of electricity, it is recommended to add more power outlets to your home.

A licensed electrician can install additional power outlets for your home after an electrical inspection. Avoid DIY installation of power outlets as this can cause more accidents like a short circuit.


Tip no. 3: Maximize Some of Your Appliances

You might not be aware yet but some of your home appliances have a heating mechanism for winter. With the type of mild winter we have at Whitsunday, these heating features shall suffice.

Your reverse split type air conditioner has a reverse feature you can use to heat your room. Instead of using a bar heater that’s not very energy efficient, it is better to use your AC as an alternative. Likewise, your ceiling fan can be used to heat your verandah by setting the blades to a clockwise direction.


Tip no. 4: Prepare An Electrical System Checklist

An electrical system checklist is an important thing to have at home. It guarantees that you will not forget or miss any necessary maintenance and repair your electrical system needs. Here, we included some pointers you should include in your home electrical system checklist for winter.

What should you include in your checklist?

  • Electrical device inspection including switches, fuses, adaptors, wirings, plugs, smoke alarms, circuit breakers, and appliances.
  • Locating your home’s main power source and ensuring that you can easily reach the place in case of a sudden power outage. You can also check if the switches inside the switchboard are properly labelled and working.
  • Ensure that your electrical system is safe from water leakage on roofs, ceiling, walls, and floor. It will also help to check if your air conditioner is leaking.
  • Trim the tree branches and other obstructions to your power line outdoors.
  • Turn off appliances when not in use before going to bed.
  • Ensure that no appliances are left plugged in when going outdoors.



Doing the activities listed above can make your home safe from various electrical accidents this winter. Although there are several things on the list that you can do by yourself, always remember to consult a reliable electrician when necessary.

Need help with an electrical inspection? Talk to us today!

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays

If you experienced an air conditioning emergency this last summer, you’re probably deciding if you should replace your old air conditioner or buy an additional unit. This is the perfect time to consider investing in a new air conditioner. The only question is which air conditioner should you choose?

Why Choose a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays


Choosing your new air conditioner is quite tricky. You can decide to buy a cheap brand that might work for a couple of months or years before acting up, but the cost for maintenance and repairs will hurt your budget in the long run, or you can invest in a trusted brand and be certain of its quality. But why make it difficult for yourself when you have a trusted brand name to consider – Mitsubishi.

Why is it one of the preferred choices of many Australian homes? Here are some of the features that make it stand out from the competition:


Mitsubishi Air Conditioner has thermostat features

Talk about power saving capacity, the Mitsubishi air conditioner has built-in thermostat features to help reduce electricity consumption.

How does this work?

While other ACs continuously perform their task even after an hour of cooling the room, Mitsubishi air conditioners are different. Upon reaching the desired temperature, the Mitsubishi air conditioner will minimize its function so less energy will be consumed.

Mitsubishi air conditioners can also detect when there is a person in the room. If it cannot detect any body heat, then the air conditioner will automatically reduce its performance. As a result, you’re assured of cool indoor air without wasting so much electricity.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioner can double as a heater

Do you know that Mitsubishi Air Conditioners can also serve as a heater? But unlike an electric heater, it won’t strain your electric bill.

How is this possible?

Mitsubishi air conditioners come with a reverse cycle feature. It works this way:

In a cool only air conditioning unit, they will produce cooled air with the aid of refrigerants. This is the same for the reverse cycle, the AC has a reversing valve that will do the reverse. So warm air will flow within your house very efficiently. Since there are no heating coils involved in the process, this is the most efficient way to heat your space or home.

It is merely the advanced technology present in Mitsubishi Air Conditioners.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is environmental-friendly

One of the things the Mitsubishi brand aims for is to develop home appliances that will not hurt the environment. Their air conditioners are the best example of this goal. Mitsubishi air conditioners are patented with eco-friendly quality.

As mentioned above, even their air conditioner’s heating system is environmentally friendly. Instead of using non-renewable energy to produce heat, it simply reuses the natural warm air. Furthermore, Mitsubishi air conditioners are now using the R32 refrigerant with an ozone-depleting potential of 0%. It guarantees that using these AC units will not harm the ozone layer as old air conditioners do.

How is it beneficial to you?

Some areas in Australia provide subsidies for households with low carbon footprints. If you live in these areas, then you will gain more from investing in an eco-friendly air conditioner.



Mitsubishi Air Conditioner is a guilt-free way to make your interior comfortable. It also needs little maintenance compared to other brands. As Mitsubishi is known for the durability of its product, buying one is a wise investment.

Here at Air Conditioning Whitsundays, we take much pleasure in providing the best customer experience and back our products with both a 12-month Installation Warranty & 5 Year warranty on all Mitsubishi Air Con products. This guarantees you are given the best service all year round.

Do you want to get a Mitsubishi Air Conditioner for your home? Get your quote, now.

How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays

With the many sizes and types of air conditioner available in the market today, choosing the best fit can be confusing. Added to the things you need to consider is how much energy your brand and unit of choice will consume, as well as the possibility of frequent maintenance and repair.


How to Choose the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home in the Whitsundays


To save you from such trouble, we listed some important things you should consider when buying an air conditioner in the Whitsundays. Learning these things will lessen the chance of dissatisfaction after your purchase.


What type of air conditioner should you buy?

There are various types of air conditioners available on the Whitsundays. Some of them are for commercial buildings while others are best used for household purposes. But for this blog, we’ll be focusing solely on residential air conditioners.

Here are some of the popular residential air conditioning systems from Mitsubishi, one of the most trusted brands for air conditioners in the Whitsundays.


Wall-mounted Air Conditioning Unit

This split type residential air conditioner from Mitsubishi has a very elegant and sophisticated design that will look great mounted on your walls. Unlike other split type models, Mitsubishi’s wall-mounted AC has a flat and sleek indoor component that wouldn’t look messy inside your house.

This air conditioner model also uses an R32 refrigerant ensuring the highest power efficiency.  This will ensure that your family is at the best temperature.


Console Split System Air Conditioning Unit

Should you have a problem with scarce wall space when installing split type AC, Mitsubishi’s console split system is for you. This floor model air conditioner is very lightweight and consumes very little space. It also provides a multi-flow system to solve the airflow problems of most floor models.


Ceiling-mounted Air Conditioning Unit

No indoor space is too small for Mitsubishi air conditioning systems. With their ceiling-mounted AC, limited wall space and ceiling room aren’t a problem. This model is a very compact air conditioning system that can be installed on the ceiling, consuming very little space. The performance is the same as the regular residential air conditioners.


Bulkhead Air Conditioner

Another option for scarce wall space is the bulkhead air conditioner. It is perfect for houses with concrete ceilings where ducted AC isn’t possible. It also produces very little noise which is perfect for small space areas.


Multi-head Split System Air Conditioner

Think split type is a 1:1? Not with Mitsubishi’s multi-head split system air conditioner. This split type model allows up to eight indoor units for a single outdoor component. It makes an ideal solution to a limited outdoor space with many rooms that need air conditioning.

When choosing which type of air conditioner to buy, you need to consider your floor area. It’s also wise to decide whether you’ll buy several units or invest in one that can give the same performance.


Will the air conditioner be noisy to run?

Based on noise tests conducted by HVAC technicians in Australia, air conditioners’ indoor unit has a noise level between 20 to 50 decibels, while the outdoor unit can range from 40 to 70 decibels. From a point of comparison, a normal conversation is around 60 decibels.

Modern split-system air conditioners that are typically used in Queensland are relatively noiseless indoors and out. However, if you are living in an apartment or places with noise regulation it’s worth checking the noise level of the air conditioner before making a purchase.


What features should you check?

Buying air conditioners with energy-saving features is a wise investment. Therefore, before buying a unit, try to check if they have the following features:

  • Thermostat or body heat sensors
  • Reverse cycle
  • Wifi or remote control
  • Sleep mode
  • Scheduled on and off

All of these features will help you save energy as they will automatically adjust the AC’s performance during certain conditions.



Interested to buy an air conditioner for your home in the Whitsundays? Air Conditioning Whitsunday has the best brands of residential air conditioners to suit your lifestyle. Talk to us today to get the best offers.


How to Find the Best AC Contractor in the Whitsundays?

If you are looking for an AC contractor in the Whitsundays for the first time, you may encounter dishonest offers. Therefore, we have listed some of the things you can look for to pick a reliable contractor. Follow these tips to make sure you find a reputable business.


How to Find the Best AC Contractor in the Whitsundays


Choose the one that other people trust

When you are uncertain which AC contractor to hire, the best thing to start with is looking at contractors with trustworthy reputations in the market. Knowing the recommendations of their previous clients is a good measure for the quality of service they deliver. Often, satisfied clients are happy to share their experience with a good contractor; while disappointed clients easily post their grudges on social media. So, take time to read online feedback and reviews.

You may also ask around, especially with your friends or relatives, because they will most likely point you out to a trusted contractor.


Don’t Just Compare Quotes

It’s expensive enough to purchase an air conditioning unit, that’s why it’ll be good if the service charges for maintenance and repair are within your budget. But as the rates of aircon service charges vary, then you may first want to do some research for you to find the contractor with not only the best price offer. One way to do this is by comparing the different services included in their quote. Use this to decide which among them you should consider.


Consider the contractor’s experience

Years of experience represent the competence a service provider has in the industry. So, hiring a contractor who has been in operation for several years is a wise decision. This gives you the guarantee of their wide experience in handling AC emergencies and knowledge with advancements in air conditioning technology is more than sufficient to address your concerns.

TIP: If a contractor has been in the business for a long time and they have good reviews, it just means that many people trust them and continuously use their services. So, that’s a plus factor you should consider.


Look out for promos and deals

Some contractors provide their customers with incentives such as discount and loyalty benefits. As it is rather expensive to maintain an AC at home, the air conditioning service that comes with benefits is advantageous.

One of the perks you should look for in an air conditioning service is the warranty. A longer warranty shows how confident the contractor is with the service they deliver. This also gives you the assurance they are providing their ultimate best all the time.


Are they a service agent

You can get many different contractors to instal an air conditioner, however, if there is a problem in the future, are they also the service agent that can repair or replace the unit if there is a problem. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you check when hiring a contractor if they are also a service agent of the product being installed.


As a service agent, there are added licences, compliance and conditions that they have to comply to. These conditions will ensure the safety of their clients as well as their employees. Some of the conditions are as follows:

  • Employees’ insurance and benefits
  • Public liability insurance
  • Compliance with work protection requirements

So, when an AC contractor presents a license to you, then it is their guarantee that they are following laws and protocols.



Are you looking for a reliable and trusted air conditioning contractor in the Whitsundays? Air Conditioning Whitsundays (ACW) is a registered AC contractor with vast years of experience. We can provide you with the best air conditioning maintenance and repair services a contractor can offer. Talk to us today to learn more.

3 Health Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Conditioning Unit

An air conditioner is an ABSOLUTE MUST in areas like Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Proserpine and Whitsundays, especially with the consistently hot and humid temperature of the region. This makes living unbearable without the aid of aircon. Thus, it is always best to make sure that your air conditioning system is always at its top condition.


3 Health Benefits of a Well-Maintained Air Conditioning Unit


Moreover, a clean and well-maintained air conditioner is proven to have a good impact on your health. This provides more reason for us to have our air conditioners regularly serviced. Here we listed some of the health benefits of a well-maintained air conditioner.

Clean filters are allergen-free

Among the parts of an air conditioner,  it is the filter that accumulates the most dirt. This happens when the mud-like structure starts forming on the filter. As a result, it becomes the breeding grounds of disease-causing bacteria. So, unless you regularly get this cleaned, your family will most likely breathe-in these harmful microorganisms.

What may happen if you don’t get this cleaned?

Prolonged exposure to air that contains such germs can lead to allergies. Itchy and reddening eyes are one of the early symptoms of this allergy. The condition can worsen into flu or other respiratory infection upon continuous subjection to unclean air.

Is it advisable to do the aircon cleaning on your own?

To solve this problem, some homeowners think that doing it themselves is okay. However, we advise that you do otherwise and let a licensed air conditioner specialist do the cleaning for you.


Although it may seem an easy task to clean your air conditioner’s filter, you cannot guarantee that you’ve done it properly. For once, a normal cleaning agent you use at home may not be sufficient to kill the germs. You might even have the risk of leaving a thin layer of dirt which will be harder to clean once deep-seated.

Therefore, to make sure that your filters are clean and allergen-free, it is recommended to have your AC serviced regularly.

Better aircon performance can help avoid heat stroke

The threat of experiencing heat stroke is very alarming on areas around Whitsunday Island. According to Whitsunday Times, heatstroke is a concern to both children and the elderly in the area. Even though the air conditioning system helps alleviate the extreme heat, it cannot do so without proper maintenance.

Your air conditioner needs regular cleaning, checking and sometimes repair, so it can function well all the time. If left unattended by a qualified specialist, your air conditioners will more likely malfunctions. It can even have a hard time performing in this state.

To ensure that your air conditioner won’t fail, we advise having it checked thoroughly before and after summer.

Well-maintained AC combats humidity

The high relative humidity is a common problem among areas with tropical climate conditions. The muggy atmosphere, accompanied by the hot temperature is very uncomfortable and can lead to feeling ill. Moreover, high relative humidity makes it hard for us to perspire which is supposed to be our natural cooling mechanism.

This problem in humidity is fortunately manageable by using the air conditioner as a dehumidifier. But then again, it will only work when your AC is on its prime condition.

Air conditioners do wonders in our daily living. It betters not only the ambience of our indoors but also our health. Thus, having your air conditioner regularly maintained is important so it can continuously make our life comfortable.

Do you need an air conditioning service for your home in Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Proserpine and Whitsundays? Send us a message today.

3 Things to Look for in an Air Conditioning Specialist

Getting the right air conditioning specialist is a must in areas like Whitsunday Island. With the climate being a warm tropical year-round, the last thing you’ll want is a poorly serviced AC.

But with several contractors offering air conditioning services out there, how would you pick the best one?

3 Things to Look for in an Air Conditioning Specialist

If you are a first homeowner who recently moved to Whitsunday Island, looking for an AC specialist can be challenging. Likewise for old residents who wished to find another contractor who can offer better services. To help you find your long-term air conditioning contractor, we listed some qualities a good AC specialist must-have.

A good AC specialist is licensed and experienced

License and experience must come together. Firstly, air conditioning contractors in QLD are supposed to carry a license to operate. This is a minimum requirement which they should be able to show their clients upon enquiry. Therefore, if you have doubts about whether you should hire a certain contractor, you are free to check their license.

This license further shows the contractor’s credibility. As part of the conditions to obtain a license, a contractor must agree with the following:

  • Workers’ insurance
  • Service warranty
  • Continuous learning on the field

This can guarantee that you’ll be hiring a responsible tradesman who is also knowledgeable in his job.

Now, most if not all of the contractors you’ll come across in your search are licensed. That is where experience plays its role. Experience is the tiebreaker between licensed contractors. As the old sayings go, “Experience is the best teacher”. Undeniably, a contractor with more years in the industry knows a lot more than the budding ones.

Moreover, service providers such as an air conditioning contractor thrive in people’s trust. Thus, several years in business speak a lot of how an AC specialist is trusted by its clients. You can never go wrong in taking experience as a measure.

Consider a Local and Accessible Contractor

A malfunctioning air conditioner during hot weather is distressing. This is the reason you should consider hiring a local contractor. An AC contractor that operates within the area is more accessible than those outsides. The proximity allows a more urgent response when your air conditioner suddenly acts up.

Local contractors are also knowledgeable about the area’s climate and other factors that must be considered when installing an AC system. Amount of rainfall, average temperature and relative humidity have a lot to do with the air conditioner’s maintenance. Thus, letting a local contractor handle what they are very familiar with is a good decision.

Look for some Perks within the Contract

A reliable service is good enough, but if there are perks to go with it, what else could you ask for?

We at Air Conditioning Whitsundays offer a 12 months installation warranty to our clients. This is to ensure that they are getting the most of what they paid for. Apart from that, we also offer a 5 years warranty on all our Mitsubishi Aircon Products.

With over 25 years in the industry, we guarantee an honest, reliable and great service for all your air conditioning needs in Airlie Beach, Cannonvale, Proserpine and Whitsundays. Should you need our services? Send a message today.