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5 Most Energy-Efficient Ways of Using Your Air Conditioner at Home

With the subtropical climate we have at Whitsunday Islands, most of us resort to running our air conditioner non-stop. Although this can relieve the heat and discomfort, it has a blow to our electric bills. Therefore, it is important to learn a trick or two to save energy while using your air conditioner at home. Here, we listed five efficient ways to use your air conditioner you probably haven’t heard of.

5 Most Energy-Efficient Ways of Using Your Air Conditioner at Home


Settle for Limiting Humidity in Favourable Level

When we hear the word humidity, what comes to mind is:

  • Heat
  • Discomfort
  • Irritation

But the fact is we need a level of humidity to feel comfortable, which is neither too cold nor too hot. When we run our air conditioner on max, we are decreasing the humidity level beyond the comfortable degree. This is why we feel discomfort when staying in a room with a very low temperature.

Aside from causing discomfort, running your AC to its max is not energy-efficient. The longer you have the AC on, and the lower the temperature is set, the more energy your unit consumes. The key here is to settle for a limiting humidity to a favourable degree, 18-21 degree Celsius will be enough.


Avoid using the auto mode

At first, it may appear that the auto mode feature is convenient, but you’ll soon realize that it’s not because it consumes more energy.

When the air conditioner is set in its auto mode, it works to ensure the room maintains a constant temperature. As a result, you are automating your aircon to heat up your room when the temperature drops and cool it back again when it gets warm.


Make use of the timer features

Running the air conditioner when no one is in the room or at the coolest part of the day is a waste of electricity. It is one of the reasons your energy bill blows up. So for more efficient use of your AC, you can set the timer feature to ensure that it only turns on when people are indoors or about to get home.


Avoid the use of heat-emitting appliances

Several factors lead to excess heat in your house. Limiting the use of such contributors to excess heat is one means of keeping your indoor cool without causing the air conditioner to work at maximum. Should you need to use the oven or dishwasher or iron clothes, try to postpone these activities until nighttime when the temperature normally drops.


Have your air conditioner regularly serviced

You will see a difference in the energy bill if you deal with a well-maintained air conditioner as opposed to one that has been ignored. Having your unit tested once a year will save your air conditioner from a lot of wear and tear, not to mention lower your energy cost.

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