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4 Common Air Conditioner Problems

Summer has arrived and this is the perfect time for your air conditioners to do their magic.

But, what if they don’t? Scary, isn’t it? So what should you do when that happens or can you do anything to prevent these things from happening?


4 Common Air Conditioner Problems


What are the common air conditioning system problems on Whitsundays?

Over time, air conditioners will experience problems, especially after being in a dormant period. That’s why a regular tune-up is important to keep it in its top condition. But you should also know how to quickly spot these common problems for you to get the right help and to keep your air conditioning system in tip-top shape.

So, to help you keep your air conditioner in check, here are the 5 common air conditioner problems you can easily spot. Should you see any of these problems, make sure to call an air conditioning specialist like Air Conditioning Whitsundays to keep your unit in good running condition.


Problem #1: Indoor Water Leak

The next common problem of air conditioners you can easily spot is the visible water leaking from your air conditioner’s indoor unit. This can be due to a clog in the condensate drain that causes the water to go back to the indoor unit. It is quite similar to problem no. 2 mentioned above, so you need a licensed ac technician to look into it.


Problem #2: Refrigerant Leak

Your unit’s refrigerant (freon) is the one responsible for the cooling function of an air conditioner. So if there is any leak with it, then the cooling efficiency of your air conditioner will be reduced and compromised.


Problem #3: Electric Control Failure

Another common air conditioner problem you can see is electric control failure. This is usually because of the frequent turning on and off of your system, which wears out its fan and compressor. Since this is connected to the blower and condenser motor, any glitch with its wiring may result in your unit not starting properly.


Problem #4: Frozen Evaporator Coil

Last, but definitely not the least common air conditioner problem you’d want to ignore is a frozen evaporator coil. If your air conditioner is not cooling enough and you see sheets of ice in the indoor unit, then this might be the problem.

The evaporator coil can freeze when the air conditioner is not receiving the proper air it needs to operate. If not fixed, sheets of ice will accumulate in the coil which can freeze up the whole air conditioner. Over time, this will lead to its breakdown.


Our recommendation

These are common problems that can happen with your air conditioning system on Whitsundays, especially if it has become dormant and hasn’t been serviced for months. If not immediately addressed,  then these can lead to serious problems.

The solution to these can be quick and easy with the help of a professional air conditioning specialist. Call us today and let us handle your air conditioning problems right away.